Tuna 545 TT



20,140 inc. VAT


The “TT - TUNA Tournament” series are the boats designed specifically for participation in fishing tournaments and competitions. Constructed on serial hulls for solving a highly specialized sport fishing tasks. These boats differ primarily in organization of the cockpit inner space as well as its equipment with various lockers for storage and fishing rods, built-in aerators and developed fish-platforms, both at bow and at stern of the boat. The series birth was preceded by a painstaking work with leading professional sports anglers,  multiple champions and the competition winners. It is based on the most successful in terms of hydrodynamics and seaworthiness hulls with a powerful set. 4mm bottom shell, complex contours with a variable dead rise and lengths, which are sufficient for a comfortable fishing. The common features for all the boats of this series are: the absence of plywood and fibreglass in the construction, a spacious bow fish-platform with 4 lockers, lengthwise box-lockers along the sides for long objects storage, a stern fish-platform with an integrated narrow aerator for catch preservation. Our designers managed to keep the excellent seaworthiness and great high-speed characteristics. “TUNA 545 TT” is a tournament sports boat based on “TUNA 545 DC” hull. Advanced bow fish-platform with two 82-litre lockers and one central 243-litre locker. Side lockers: the left one with a 78 litre volume allows to store the rod 225 cm long, and the right one – 63 litres. The total volume of lockers on the boat is 780 litres. 60 litre integrated narrow aerator. In order to avoid the interference during fishing, guardrail equipment is not installed. There are stainless folding bollards installed at the bow and the aft of the boat.

basic equipment included in price

  • All-welded aluminium hull
  • Advanced bow fish-platform
  • Advanced stern fish-platform with 60 litre integrated aerator
  • Consoles with a glazing (the passenger one is with the glove box) and shelves
  • Steering set (wheel, gearbox, cable)
  • Running navigational lights + top-light
  • Control panel
  • Disconnect switch
  • Pump
  • Built-in fuel system for 75 litres
  • Battery terminal block
  • 12V Socket
  • Stainless folding mooring equipment
  • Board cockpit panelling with pasting by marine carpet
  • Bottom ceiling and fish-platforms are covered with a marine nonslip vinyl
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